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about osiris

osiris is an agriculture data evaluation platform to make data analysis tools more accessible to more people in the agriculture industry. osiris takes a range of raw data, processes, cleans and mines the input and offers actionable insights for daily and seasonal farm planning and decision making.

from land, sky or space, osiris uses the latest technologies to supply the agriculture industry with the tools and informtion required to run a farm. osiris is currently in development, if you would like to base notified of updates get in touch at contact@osiris.farm

Orthomosaic Image Processing

automatic drone image processing functionality give farmers the ability to control and analyse orthographic images giving a high resolution image analyis of crops.

Automated Yield Data Insights

upload any yield mapping data for immediate visualisation of high and low yielding areas.

Satellite 10m Imagery

open source satellite imagery to 10m/pixel resolution with standard NDVI overlays are free for all users.

Cloud Based Data Repository

based in AWS cloud services, data storage and access are unlimited.

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